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  • a thought

    What is the meaning?
    Can you look within?
    Can you remember your one truth you have buried within?
    Step back and lets try that again..
    Breathe in,
    feel all the love that you conceal within.
    Let it flow freely through wind. Touching all those with or without sin.
    Exhale all the toxins you've taken in.
    Back to the basics of love and friends.
    Can you feel the warmth following through your skin?
    Have you found your truth from within?
    Search through the times, lost in your mind.
    As you began to rewind, you'll find you've been blind
    allowing your life to become as predictable as an assembly line.
    Free your heart and allow it to give thought.
    No longer seeing in parts.
    Exhaling the toxins of who you are not,
    the hateful thoughts and material parts.
    Inhaling the love, the breath of earth.
    While living from the heart is our natural art.
    With eyes made of love for all to see. Humanity is all we need.
    Its been said "Our thoughts are who we will be"..
    Understanding this keeps us free.
    But love,
    love is the key,
    unlocking what life is meant to be.....

    My love,
    your love
    OUR love
    will always breed new love,
    now can you see

    -S. Wayne
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