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  • Final

    And guys, to my parents I apologize.
    For I, appeared to grow in size.
    But it was something so easy to magnify.
    At one point it was clear ---
    Like the glass cut to form the class I got stuck.
    Tried to rise but ended up washed by the Tide.
    It seemed so Bounty full.
    Backed by a softener but at the end you get put out to dry.
    Just make sure they know you're delicate or to dedicate something when you're fried.

    Now it seems stupid to think all my tries would land me in some ties.
    When they've all brought losses alongside lies...
    All the rage ---
    Thinking these lines I put together on a blank page
    Would one day get me to another stage.
    Might as well have brought a pen to a gun fight.
    Like flying a kite on a stormy night.
    Thinking that was the key and expecting sparks to fly.
    Oh my.

    But still, I'm missing courage and smarts.

    But inside I got plenty of hearts.

    Like the queen in her castle.

    Except everything could fall and you could run out of seconds on the meter.
    So it's never certain.
    9 on the dot but 81 on the surface.
    So cheers to the kid versus the older person.
    Before the final curtain.

    But guys---
    Think about it.
    You can create more than they can destroy.
    For just that thought is worth more than what they imagine.
    And what you imagine is worlds away from what they can say.
    It's all about your understanding.
    Mental selective or to say your perspective.
    So don't let them break your spirit.
    Rise from the seas to whatever degree of life you aspire to reach.
    For that pen is stronger than anything they can bring.