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When Memory Fails

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  • When Memory Fails

    I ponder him who pledged to me his troth.
    Our marriage came to shreds but not to naught.
    He saved each tangled ravel, wove new cloth,
    resuming our design with errors fraught.

    Haphazard doubts recur, creating snarls
    of jealous hate which anger loves to knot.
    Distrust released, his flag of truce unfurls
    premeditated plan of love's own plot.

    One day our banner's hem will come unloosed.
    When aging thoughts aspire repair, we'll find
    disease destroys as bodies come to roost.
    Ere sleep descends, what happens to the mind?

    His word has shielded ev'ry other plight.
    When mem'ry fails - his vow will span that night.