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Understanding - Contest Submission - Self Observation

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  • Understanding - Contest Submission - Self Observation

    Find who you are by knowing how to look.
    Discover the Self, forgetfulness took.
    Sweep all impatience calmly aside
    Where Silence's Stillness is everywhere arrived.

    Silence is the Stillness the Masters move in freely
    for their Mind has been trained to remember Its beginning.
    They never lose focus or forget what their source is
    For everywhere is truth in an obvious Knowingness.

    They've disciplined decisioning to remain Self-awakened,
    By becoming so discerning it's their core observation.
    They made themselves worthy, to attain such a conscious,
    By walking as a Master to experience the knowledge.

    In becoming this realized, Self-recognized truth.
    They left behind the world their limitations knew
    and They chose to go forward, for forward was closer,
    To whatever It was that was Calling them to go there.

    In each ventured step, they had never been alone
    For Nature became Teacher and Its Teachings their home.
    & They found in their searching, they had slowly been learning
    How Nature was deeper than a man-made discerning.

    As their venture went further, exploring the unknown
    It cleansed what they saw and reality, reborn.
    The innocence within them became more experienced,
    Revealing its remembrance in understanding stillness.

    As their Journey in Observing brought them deeper reflections
    Its mirrorings revealed an even deeper transcendence.
    This attendance, prolonged, progressed them, in essence,
    To a deeper receptivity till Silence was their presence.

    They were being, Re-Minded into Nature's Intelligence
    & Communicated in It through the language of consciousness.
    They recognized speaking as the dullest form of language
    for They understood silence could teach greater knowledge.

    Find who you are by knowing how to listen.
    Discover the Self, forgetfulness drifts in.
    Sweep all disruptions quietly aside
    Where Silence, ongoing, is nowhere defied.

    They began to be taught from Nature's display.
    Observing It revealed in Its own expose.
    They watched without bias, or preconceived thinking
    To let themselves recognize, the secrets they were seeking.

    For in Nature, we discover, we learn of It in levels,
    Revealing how we see it, is seen in how we see ourselves.
    When we don't see ourselves we see it most clearly
    for There isn't an image our observing is mirroring.

    & We find in that clarity a deeper discerning,
    That the less we're our image, the more we are learning.
    The more we are conscious, the greater it's deepened,
    Including the Truth that beckoned us to seek it.

    For the Meanings we're looking for is found in the Imageless,
    For those meanings that move us are behind the appearances.
    It's the essence we search for when we're looking at Nature.
    It's the presence behind it we're looking to relate to.

    For the Masters know what seek you is found in yourself
    They've spent many contemplative moments on themselves.
    for What made them Masters is their passion for patience
    To listen to a Mind of the deepest relations.

    They listened to the Silence in a disciplined stillness
    To become It more completely than the outward experience,
    To become It so consciously, the Reality admits them.
    for Their looking's entirety is Silence's existence.

    Find who you are by looking at looking.
    Discover the Self, blindness is using.
    Let Silence's depths bring Stillness to the mind
    That discerning it's depths be your observation's guide.

    We find in this expose an interesting teaching
    That reality is based upon the depths of one's reaching.
    That reality gives to us what we give into ourselves
    Mirroring the environment our intelligence dwells.

    & That the absence of judgment is our consciousness broadening,
    As the Nature of reality being found in that softening.
    The meanings we are seeking is found in our looking.
    Discovered in the awareness our consciousness is moving.

    When we find we are looking and learn how to look
    We'll be so awake, we are consciously hooked.
    for Our lives become greater the deeper we are focused
    for We bring forth a mind that remembers what its source is.

    & Only the great ones re-become this entity
    Who possess enough boldness to conquer re-remembering.
    for This is the elegance which the Imageless dresses in
    To embody any consciousness attention expresses in.

    This is the Real, reality relates through,
    The Enigmatic View, creating animates to.

    Seek what you are with the purpose of finding
    Do not let your seeking the Self be led blindly.
    For looking is a Journey one's Self is arrived,
    Refining realizing one's looking is the guide.

    Be easy with yourself so that stillness can ignite
    That Unmoving Presence radiating sight.
    For it's always in looking that the mind is defined
    & Forever will looking be the realms it's divined.

    Find who you are, without getting took
    Discover your Self, Everywhere you look.