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  • I Wanna Know Your Name :

    I’m not the type of man who cuts into a person’s blues
    my experiences are my butt truths these are the changes
    love will put you through lady luck tell me which road to choose

    I’m sittin here contemplating the worst sin
    don’t you know I can’t live this life of pretense
    when night creeps in I’m laying in darkness again

    If the sun don’t shine for awhile
    I will have this memory of your smile
    so come come walk this last mile with me

    Morality is bought with every heartbeat
    ah baby this loneliness won’t let me be
    there’s a place for dreamers like me
    will you spook my bitter sweet memories

    If I could cast a spell I would
    be rollin in fortune and fame

    I wanna know your name
    I wanna know your name
    I wanna know your name

    ah lady I’m inspired by your intellectual ways
    I’m in the mood to chase these blues away
    I can’t change these feelins inside
    there’s a zillion stars in the skies
    when I dream I dream to survive

    Baby there’s something you ought to know
    when strobe lights flashes us dancing slow
    I know this love could melt hell below
    I can’t I can’t believe time has froze

    ah baby
    when flicker lights of crackel flames
    beats against my window pane
    the ashes from the fireplace
    can’t mask the hurtful pain

    The quest for love
    is part of the game
    I wanna know your name
    I wanna know your name
    I wanna know your name

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      Hell;o Rhymarhyma thank you so much for the righteous comments.. It means a lot to me

      take care ;o


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        I love spinning my thoughts from a man's perspective// ........