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Sickness In Your Soul

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  • Sickness In Your Soul

    I understand the hate in your heart, for I have felt it too.
    I understand the rage in your soul, I felt the same.
    I understand the fire in your eyes, because I was just like you.
    I understand the anger you have at me, even when I'm not to blame.

    You see, this rage is a disease.
    It encompasses you body, heart, soul and mind.
    It'll control you life, brings you to your knees,
    And keeps your love confined.

    It will leave you in the dark, blinded to the light.
    Its a sickness that you have to fight,
    And if you give in,
    Trust me, the sickness will win.

    Bottle after bottle, and still it won't drown.
    Deep in your heart it's aching,
    Always keeping you down.
    Until you go through life just faking,
    Wearing nothing but a frown.

    This sickness will destroy your life,
    I know because it destroyed mine.
    All this living in strife,
    Will only get worse in time,
    These words come with love, for I am your wife,
    And I'll love you in sickness or in health,
    So I'd follow you right through hell.
    But I'm telling you I've been there before,
    I understand what constant rage can do,
    All the pain will get too much to endure.
    I understand, because I was you.

    So I'll be there when your walls crumble down.
    I'll be there when the world falls to the ground.
    And I'll pick you up piece by piece,
    I'll fall with to your knees,
    And let you lean on me,
    Then of this sickness, you'll be free.

    Stephanie G
    Visalia Ca