Emotions are raw, emotions are real
Emotions you share, emotions you feel.
Emotions run high, emotions run low
Emotions run deep, emotions do grow.

Emotions will flourish when you connect
To the people you love and dearly respect.
Plus feeling well balanced with emotions in sync
Will help your relations emotionally link.

Now emotions do show your sensitive side
While concealing emotions take a rollercoaster ride.
And emotions can rule from day to day
Plus erratic emotions can get in your way.

Anger and sadness, joy and despair
Are several emotions that people have shared.
Patience and love, tolerance and shame
Many have cried out are difficult to tame.

As a human you want to support who ails
Since it's part of your nature to help humans prevail.
But soon you'll begin to sense everyone's pain
So your battered emotions may be too hard to contain.

Please be aware of your emotional view
Because without any warning it'll get away from you.
And there may be times when you'll definitely see
That your neglected emotions have suffered painfully.

They will turn hazy in heart and in mind
So your emotional clarity will be on the decline.
I know I've seen it, I've seen it first hand
Where emotions were mistreated from human demand.

So now you think through all of your strife
That you should live the quiet life.
I certainly feel and I think it's wise
Taking an emotional vacation helps you to reenergize!