You lie by the radiator,
Old black and white cat
With half a moustache,
Our senior feline.

The play played out.
The purr as well.
I’m sorry you have to go,
But it’s okay to go.

A brief review:
You radicalized our dog
Into a feline-lover.
You did that. You.

And then you two
Waited for your other friend
With orange fur who died.
You waited side by side,
Cat and dog.
Dog and cat.

And then you sat alone and waited
For your canine friend
To come again
After we had buried her
Beside the meadow’s tree
Where the two of you
Would take your morning stroll.

Now the tiny tuft of your life
Is almost gone.
I sleep downstairs
To keep the heating pad
On your back
While the radiator cools for night.

Two small creatures, we,
Huddled beneath our blankets
In the dark
Somehow closer to each other
Than to the meadow’s tree.

This is the end:
Goodbye, old friend.

You were a good cat.
Thank you for that.
Thank you, old cat.