bad ode

woke up but could not get up had only just slept
told my boss i was sick i will have to say
the guts were upset not that i had to sleep because
tired is not sick so then i read that someone said
my posts are negative of course they are
negative don't take it personally if it was about you
you wouldn't see it unless you needed to know
i don't take your posts about sexual assault harper
government dead dolphins the world we live in
offensively personally it is just that the news feed
is as bleak as the news rack and the news reel
and the nine o'clock news and the twenty-four
hour news so i was depressed in bed all day

but not sick and was able to flit across the internet
to venus where I'd like to take a bath of acid
and smoke a sulphur cigarette i haven't had enough
of the horrible stuff and when i turn my phone
off all day it makes me nervous so don't look to me
if it bothers you i won't take that personally either
it's not like i'm paying to promote myself in your face
book or standing on your bookshelf or
outside your window ledge singing about sleep
when i should be singing about love or holding
a screen above my head playing a video
of cute animals because i prefer those but i am not

stoical and i am not sick either i am just lazy i suppose
so i'd like to loaf on venus where there is so much
pressure i'd have an excuse about not being able
to move and i imagine that being crushed almost
instantly would be like closing one eye and then
the other eye that got left over