A hug inside
My pain begins to subside
Touching a place that cannot be seen
In the mystical way that only love can intervene

Resting my head on her shoulder
Makes no difference that I have grown older
An emotional umbilical cord
Connected to the one adored

A special place to belong
Composing the lyrics of a love song
Meant for only us to share
Music of the heart expressing tender loving care

Arms tightly wrapped around
Soothing warmth of love abound
Gentle strokes
Feeling the protection this evokes

Soft kisses on my cheek
Love's way to silently speak
A slow rocking motion
Movement expressing deep emotion

Caressing my hair
Joined together in prayer
A spiritual reflection
Of a deeply felt affection

Gazing at me with loving eyes
No longer needing to improvise
A feeling so surreal
Wishing upon a star that I could really feel