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    As you continue to journey you want to detect
    Your lessons in life and their lifelong effect.
    Some lessons are huge, some lessons are small
    Some lessons you celebrate, while others not at all.
    Plus all of your lessons whether old or quite new
    Come from positive experiences and negative too.
    And believe it or not through triumph or strife
    Every lesson you learn will impact your life.
    The more that you learn, the more that you do
    Makes you a student and a wise teacher too.
    So take all of your lessons and do not withhold
    Preach what you've learned to the young and the old.
    And if you're not sure about the lessons you bear
    Please continue to read on then get out and share.
    Think about the lessons through sickness and health
    Taking care of your body will bring you great wealth.
    Think about the lessons when you go through divorce
    Controlling your feelings are difficult of course.
    Plus at times you may think life's on the decline
    Just remember the lesson you're learning this time.
    Think about the lessons with family and friends
    The pleasures and conflicts happen time and again.
    Relations can be loving and hurtful as well
    So any feelings of turmoil you'll want to dispel.
    Think about the lessons when at work and at home
    Your worries and responsibilities have definitely grown.
    And think of the people you work with each day
    Your lessons together can go a long way.
    Think about the lessons of being wealthy or poor
    Being homeless and hungry you crave so much more.
    Think about the lessons as you journey through school
    Interacting with peers can be positive and cruel.
    Also we worry if we're accepted by peers
    Because any form of rejection can be emotionally severe.
    Please know that I'm only trying to show
    That each lesson in life helps you to learn and to grow.
    So if you feel that your life has been extremely tough
    And you think to yourself "I've had enough!"
    Remember you're here to experience and learn
    You're indeed not alone since we all have our turn.
    Every person I talk to, every person I know
    Has their own bag of lessons to learn and to grow.
    So through all of the blessings that have come to you
    Are lessons of fortune that you need to look to.
    And through all of the hardships that have injured your soul
    Try to look at the donut and not the hole.