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  • No One Understands

    Living in a world where no one understand
    Just following each and every command
    Your family, your friends, everyone who is all around
    Feeling like a complete mute, a mute without a sound
    Stuck inside a bubble, where there is only you
    The future that is in front, only seeing a blurred view
    No one knows who is the real me
    Judging every single corner there is, only using their eyes to see
    My memories colliding all too fast, separating what is fake and what I know
    The old photographs popping up from long time ago
    I’m a different person now, growing and learning who can I be
    Finally breaking down the barrier walls and setting all my mistakes free
    The ending is far from over; here comes a fresh new start
    I will now bid my adieu, from deep within my heart
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    Bidding adieu to old barriers is hard; but I see the last two lines of your sonnet as positive, you are saying goodbye to the thought of ending and you are making that fresh start that is so necessary in understanding ourselves and what we bring to the forefront. I like your sonnet; my favorite line "No one knows who is the real me"


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      Very good! I feel like that sometimes and actually wrote a poem similar to your a while back but I haven't posted it and don't worry I pretty sure yours is way better than mine. Hope you will post more good ones like this one.