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  • Different, but Okay

    The world condemns originality,
    And instead reiterates the same bland prose,
    The lines always divide dream and reality,
    And try to conceal the thorns beneath the rose.
    ‘Normal’ is anguish, irrevocably mundane,
    When each raging fire of life is unique,
    And yet, to be average, we embrace the pain,
    Sorrow’s tears brand our cheeks.

    My mother looked through my make-up stenciled face,
    And into the fractured blue mirrors of my eyes,
    Through the agony-kissed wounds time won’t erase,
    And through my factitiously cheerful disguise.
    Like a thin ribbon of smoke, I was fragile,
    So easily bound by the shackles of fear,
    But whenever I hid behind my fake smile,
    She leaned in and whispered into my ear.

    “Every word you say makes you you,
    And makes vibrancy bloom from the gray,
    You’re something extraordinary, something new,
    You are different, but that is okay.”

    I was desperate to keep my fake friends,
    And yearned to feel confident in my blue dress,
    But I could not juggle the trivial new trends,
    My mother saw a firework,
    But the looking glass reflected a mess.
    With each sweet word she spoke,
    A volleying shower of insults muted her.

    And though the insults dimmed my flame,
    I labored to keeping going, even improved,
    But ineluctably soon, my mother’s last words came,
    I strained to hear as her lips moved.
    “You are different, but that is okay.”

    But I hunted in myself, in the deepest confines,
    And shook my head in scorn,
    Because there was a wealth of things I couldn’t find,
    I hang my head and mourn.
    Time held no mercy for me,
    And passed as it wished.

    I beheld the star-jeweled night,
    As silver moonlight washed over the grass,
    The world has extinguished a fire that burned so bright,
    Life is webbed with cracks, made of broken glass.
    I think of the sunshine the world has lost,
    And how I am now so blind,
    My heart is adorned with frost,
    What am I supposed to find?

    I close my blinded eyes and let in the dark,
    Her last words echo in my thoughts,
    Think of me, who has never made a mark,
    But instead of seeing what I am not…
    Perhaps I should see what I am?
    Who I will be one day?

    “You are different, but that is okay.”

    Embedded in pain are sparks of love,
    Such a large world to explore,
    As tears from heaven fall from above,
    I weather the rain as it pours.
    It’s so simple a task to see my flaws,
    Starting from the moment I was born,
    But yet, I have the capacity to fill life with awe,
    I am a rose unafraid to show its thorns.

    Because in a world that condemns originality,
    And sometimes can seem so bland,
    I can blur the lines between dream and reality,
    Finally, I understand.
    I am different, but that is okay.