If all of the people could only see
How very beautiful this world could be
Ifwe could tear down the walls we've built
And revive the flowers of freedom from their wilt.
It's sad to think there are people who believe
That happiness and love they will never receive.
That they are the only one in the world to feel this way
Never knowing how many feel it too every day.
How special it is when at last you find
Someone in life who relates to your mind.
Even better when someone relates to your heart
And that feeling of oneness you’ve had from the start.
Perhaps if we followed our hearts instead of our heads
We could weave a compassionate world with mighty threads.
Deep within the soil we could plant the seeds of trust
Where trees of friendship sprout in a world fair and just.
Oh how beautiful this world could be
If we would only set our feelings free
And better lend a helping hand
And take more time to understand.