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All I need is One

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  • All I need is One

    With cotton soft touch,
    Smiling bright as the sun,
    Whisper your smile,
    All I need is one.

    Amber gleam curls,
    Reflecting your light,
    Lend me your courage,
    To brave velvet night.

    All my thoughts lay open,
    To your knowing eye,
    Understanding my pain,
    Ne’er believing a lie.

    Your liquid grace eyes,
    Gone soft with the light,
    Melting my heart,
    Revoking all sight.

    Overwhelming sensation,
    Filled gaily with ardor,
    Completely devoted,
    Loving much harder.

    I’ve never had someone,
    Understand me so well,
    Knowing my limits,
    Helping rebel.

    And it’s you I’ll remember,
    When this life is done.
    Some lovers have many,
    All I need is one.