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Contest Entry - "Understanding"

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  • Contest Entry - "Understanding"

    Understanding my flaws,
    Is expanding my cause.
    Im not demanding applause,
    Let alone even asking.
    I was masking my insecurities,
    With ignorance and pride.
    My heart was sure to freeze,
    If i didn't bring it inside.

    It got cold quick, it would stick to the windows, waiting.
    While my mind was anticipating what the two could be creating.
    It new my heart had no real reason to fret.
    For love is an emotion that it could not forget.

    My mind explained to my heart.
    To love, is to let go.
    But my heart wasn't quite ready yet though.
    It understood it was for the best,
    And it was needed in my chest.
    But who would've guessed,
    My heart had a quest of it's own.

    So I let it roam.
    Knowing it will always have a home.
    Praying it finds what it needs to learn,
    Before it makes it's return.

    Experience what you can,
    While you can,
    You are free,
    To love everything around you unconditionally.
    To understand your purpose,
    Past, present and so on.
    For you provide the energy for this brotha to go on.

    And if you so choose to fuse with my mind, body and soul.
    We can collaborate our existence as a whole.
    And travel to an intergalactic galaxy,
    And manifest what ever reality we desire.

    Jason Ansari Aka YbsFrack
    Cambridge, Ontario
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