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  • Jiynx Diablo
    Great job! It shows how much you should- no HAVE to to be thankful for him. You made a poem with heart; it was definetly worth reading.

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  • Meimjustme
    started a topic I understand

    I understand

    Day 1 i woke up crying And you were smiling next to my father
    No memories with him i remember as a toddler
    Times got harder and you got tougher
    My heart been with me from the start my mother an angel undercover
    Elementary came bullies,pain I thought it'd last a century,
    You kept me sane with advice and active with sports.
    No summer school here
    The saying "follow the beat to your own drum"
    You turned me into a drummer that year
    You were apart of the band just me and you,
    Your vocals arent that great but i love to hear you.
    Even when you werent in my face youd be in my minds rearview
    Teenage years man oh man i feared you
    But you said they'll be a few bumps on the road steer through
    Well I did and I ran into some heartbreaks and wide turns
    Didn't follow your smart ways but with time i learned,
    By now you didnt have much time to burn mostly time to earn money was tight Everythings more expensive now no presents now i was defensive now.
    Materialistic was unrealistic i had it all
    So close but so distant
    My family i missed it.
    Hardheaded & to young to understand hard debts
    I Kept rolling on
    Those bumps in the road turned to high collision
    You were my airbag, i needed dad there
    As i transitioned to a young man
    Some stayed some ran but you were across my door
    When it rained it poured
    Pains became sores
    Change was in store
    Clouds went away the rain was no more
    Little boy was becoming man of the house
    Im understanding it now
    My queen was passing the crown
    Grateful, respectful, loyal gentleman pound for pound
    All those bumps molded me to the young man i am now, thank you