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  • Pondering Shades

    Something distracting on the day of new beginnings
    Yet this glowing embodiment is the final light of day and
    Reigns the early land upon dawn but what appears
    Inferior to many may be noticed by the few who see the
    Whole picture beyond the smoke of a rising city to be
    Guided by nebulas far more extraordinary it peculates
    The deepest thought leaving a heart heavy person in a
    Position to dream, and look for a worlds that can be
    Changed. Through all the wars, bloodshed, and pain it has
    Always survived cautiously hidden in plain sight, it
    Gives us hope that we can change ourselves under
    This granter of nocturnal passage yet the place where
    This everchanging crescent lies is now falling down
    On me so I must drink with a bull that has been
    Angered in order to ascend beyond the firmament and dwell
    With the midnight light