Daily acts of insanity
pick at my empty soul
Surrounded by familiar abnormality
Can't decipher friend or foe
Almost complete
numb to the noise
pushing too deep
girls and boys
Brink rage of impenetrable tears
swell up and what I hear
makes me soar
to highest heights
of pure damnation
incessant coronation
Thorny crown jeweled queen
plagued by your own scene
running scared through my mind
How could you be so unkind?
How could you be so blind?
Full of some hyped up story
Full of some sweet temporary glory
But is it all a facade?
The part that I play?
Unsure of my lines
what to do, what to say
and I feel it's a blur
this maze that I churn
the bridges I burn
and all that I seek
Is so pure and so sweet
so simple at heart
alone in the dark
I contemplate why
beginning to cry
but there is no end
to this pain that I send
A self-made martyr
responsible for her soul's torment
Why do I criticize all that I see
in me?