A rep stormed wind from a notable remedy-
-once death swarmed in from a moldable density..
Born with unemotional tendencies-
-are relationships formed in uncontrollable chemisty..
Through the dark depths of the worlds quotable energy-
-are harms in some controllable enemies....

But there's no control once you age from forgiveness..
Not understanding the nature of women is the saviors resistance..
Even tho your not knowing you're raised for commitment-
-you'll see that hate's was consistent once fake come predicting..
It rattles when it doesn't break loves position..
Understand that the soul gave love permission to close ways unforgiving..
Who hold hate loves submission but fades one attention-
-until it is saved from precision..
A grace of redemption some would say, but I would say that it's an-
-ambiance in your gut that noone can discipline..
A feeling similar to hearing the sweetest note of an instrument..
Or a poke of an insulin when you're holding adrenaline..
The love you fight for when you're holding that innocence....

You can feel when they're thinking about you through the scars on your-
Even the marks on your waste inform you when they start on your case..
The Lord's on their faith and they're loving his house too..
But even he knows that they're nothing without you....