Every lead guitar needs a strong bass to follow
In order to get the greatest sound that’s possible
Though the bass is in the back it does not wallow
For its role is not to be the most audible
Without the bass, the guitar’s sound would be hollow
But strummed together the melodies are unstoppable
A guitar’s bass isn’t something that’ll trade or borrow
It’s special to its lead and merging efforts is optimal
However, fascination with a grand guitar solo leads to sorrow
Though the spotlight seems luxurious its desires are volatile
A guitar without a biss is barren, that’s a bitter pill to swallow
If ingested the strings get cut and instruments enter a hospital
A selfish act ruins perfect bonds leaving the lead questioning tomorrow
But with rhythms aligned any six-stringed duo can beat obstacles
A handsome guitar unites with a beautiful bass to play on each morrow
Now a majestic symphony has finally become plausible