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When worlds collide

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  • When worlds collide

    I wake up and I realize , god has blessed me with another day //
    I thought the struggles were over but somehow he's found another way //
    To test what I can do , and what it is that I cannot endure //
    Even though I prayed for less of that just the night before //
    But I mean whatever , life gives you lemons make lemonade //
    They told me I had to pay my dues but I think I've over paid //
    Because I wake up and I go to school and I really try to learn //
    But everyday is a new complain that my teachers are concerned //
    Their saying " you're becoming a person who never passes his classes //
    I mean what's wrong do you need glasses ? //
    I mean of all of the ways to mess up you life , failings school must be the fastest " //
    So I let them carry on as if their words are making an impact //
    But little did they know I think my ears are barley in tact //
    Because I don't listen , I just start to attack without warning //
    It's like it's nothing to me , I could knock you out while I'm yawning //
    I'll do this till I pass out and then wake up in the morning //
    My life is something no one wants to be in like a haunted house if you brave enough then come on in //

    But then I balance it out with the rhymes , their what I use to help regenerate //
    A bace on which I meditate //
    The crossroads of my pains and joys from which I try to separate //
    Regroup and rehabilitate //
    And then try to affiliate //
    My demons with my angles and maybe they appreciate //
    How hard I work on the subject of trying to keep them apart //
    Angels brighten up my day while the demons mess up my heart //
    But then my eyes open I'm in a room alone in the dark //
    Ironically my day ends the same way that it starts //
    My life is like two world , that are somehow very close together yet very far apart .

    Luis Cevallos

    RhymeZone 2014-2015 poetry entry