Seven Lords

Seven Lords upon seven mats
Sat and talked of laws
Of love and hate and private things
And each other's flaws.

With each lord a scribe with sheets
Of paper were brought
To record the words, record the laws
And each lord's thoughts

On they sat and on some more
Changes great were made
Sweeping laws concerning life
All would be obeyed.

The quills in hand flew on and on
With righteous, angry might
They forbade the lonely to love
The angry men fight

Lives were sold and love was lost
With one mighty stroke
Poor men became mighty kings
Rich men were made broke

For years they sat and pondered
On just what laws to make
Just what laws were justified
How much each could take

Finally on a summer's day
The lords and scribes were done
They looked across the table
At each and every one

With a mighty sigh of tired bones
They arose to leave
They all had laws to impose
They had people to lead

They staggered through the castle door and
Stared eyes wide with fear
The people all had fled the land
As the lords spake through the years.

So the lords cried aloud
To every rock and grave
"Listen now to our plan!
To all the laws we've made!"

The lords looked down upon
The scrolls within their hand
And realized the laws would govern
An empty, barren land

So with care the lords returned
To the mats within their keep
There to ponder what went wrong
There to read and weep.

J.L. Hayner