Title of the Poem: “Underrated Books”

Poet: Dawid Burnus

You are seen like underrated books

Rich detail inside but judged by the cover’s looks

The only thing they read from you is the title name

Unaware there is a story that isn’t lame

Flip through the pages, you’ll see nothing great

But pay attention and you’re in for the bait

Do not pay much regards to the title

For what is found inside is what’s really vital

They say a room without books is like a body without a soul

Everyone has something inside them that plays an important role

Books are an uniquely, portable magic

Same with people, not knowing them well enough can be tragic

Leaving a bookmark can save your progress

It takes a step at a time to know one’s full express

So when you see an untouched book in the corner of a shelf

Never underestimate itself

Because it might be your most favorite read

People are just the same indeed

The body or the name doesn't cause much affection

It’s their story that makes a connection