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Trying to Understand: Life a tragic fondue

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  • Trying to Understand: Life a tragic fondue

    My world is gray
    with no distinct hues

    I'm lost in a realm
    absent of cues

    I've been on this search
    I've been on the pews

    I've perked up my ears
    and listened to the news

    Yet there is no peace
    rather I'm split in two

    Coherence is distant
    my mind stays confused

    The world zip-lipped
    divulgence refused

    In this battle for life
    is there no truce?

    No stalemate to rest
    no gleam of a deuce?

    A lonely struggle
    yet others amused

    Only pointed fingers
    and laughter's abuse

    All abandoned ship
    to my last crew

    No one left to blame
    only petty excuse

    So let me ask
    a question to you

    Do you know what it feels
    to really be blue?

    To see the world gray
    and nothing as true?

    Living in moments
    but only happy in a few

    Old men say
    these are products of youth

    If you've been through the hard
    you know that you grew

    But how is this wisdom
    when there is no proof?

    My pain is astounding
    and it continues to brew

    Perhaps life's a raffle
    and the ticket I drew

    Said that I'm done
    from the start I am due

    Unlucky for me
    maybe for you too

    We can only wallow in sorrow
    in our tragic fondue

    Waiting for dawn's break
    which doesn't break through.

    Hometown: Syracuse

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    I have to say I love the phase "life is a tragic fondue". Can I steal it for the title of a poem?