Chalk walls and false ceilings
Bogus smiles and hidden feelings
Try as one might to travel the length
The constant barrage drains all one's strength
Prison cells where contempt dwells
Silencing walls 'round sorrow wells
School has become many things these days
The strings of the harp Hades plays
A ballad of lies that cut like blades
No matter the choices we make while we're here
No one should walk the path of pure fear
Who are we to judge others' vigil
Their clothes, their voice, their faults
All so visible
The powers that be do not need to be seen
They only reveal how our own souls are deemed
Now I see hearts in the outcast and tired
I see hearts in the liars, desire in the criers
Once upon a time most dreary and obscene
Sometime when I was at most a teen
I kept my heart chained to meet simple gains
I stripped my blood from forbidden veins
I gave power to those who stood over me
And gave up the power to set myself free
Do not what I did, good youth of today
Reveal the truth behind hunter and prey
That those who bully have not one chance
To sip of the chalice of love and advance
Keep not your hands hidden in pockets
Keep your heart out of the locket
Keep not your ears deaf to the pleading
As one day that could be where your life is heading
Let there be love where once there was hatred
Remember that anger and danger soon are related
Let yourself always be true
To yourself, to your friends, to those around you
Only fools seek to destroy and condemn
When all it could take is a walk with them
Down each other's paths one might find
That things aren't so different
Even from a different state of mind
To seek the unseen, and to seek to understand
Sometimes all we really need
Is someone to lend a helping hand.