Hey, stranger. Yeah, you.
Hello? Am I a girl? Yes.
Do I get to ask?

Damn. You're harsh. Rude, even.
I thought we had interests
together, but well,
I get where your head
is at. Mine's not going there.
Sorry. No spank bank.

Why you all like that?
A world full of strangers, but
you can't be nice once?

Generation ASS.
All your women are blown up.
Your men, arrested
development. Hah.
Entitled lil' dicks. Parents
are proud of that DIS?

This computer screen,
it makes us bold, we forget
that person talking
is real like us. Yeah.
Real hands. Real feet. Real heart. Real soul. Real.
Maybe a bot, you're right.
But real. So shut up
And realize your tongue's a razor
before you type insults

to STRANGERS you never met.