I can tell by the abrupt
Straightening of your back
And head lamp eyes
You are surprised by me,
But with the quick knot in your brow
And crinkled eyes
I can read the twin matinees
Scrolling across your brain.
You pity me as if I am in need of
Your condolences for what
Has dragged my way:
The invisible limb
And seated wheels
To motor about.
You fear me as if I am a
Contagion walking the streets
Seeking able bodies
To infect with my miseries,
To bring them down to me
And my personal seventh level.
Do not judge me as
You do not know ME!
My circumstances
Battles I have championed
Broken hearts I have survived.
I can see more about you
In your moment of reticence
Than your strangled voice could illuminate.
I fight every private call,
The shouts of the myriad voices in my head,
To anger.
To bristle and caterwaul
About your uneasy ignorance,
But I would be another version of you,
Wouldn’t I?