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  • Mr. & Mrs. Understanding

    How was your day?
    It was fine.
    Is that all you have to say?
    Where's my glass of wine?
    Long day at work?
    Just leave me be.
    Why so curt?
    Why the inquiry?
    Can't we talk it out?
    You wouldn't know.
    Know about?
    You're just a stay-at-home.

    Ten hours straight
    boss on my tail
    he just can't wait
    to see me fail.
    My suit is stained
    with sweat and tears.
    Can I stay sane
    till the end of the year?
    But I win the bread
    while you rest here.
    Enough said
    have I made myself clear?

    You have no clue
    how ignorant you are.
    What you misconstrue
    leaves me a scar.
    For my ten hours
    I washed the dishes
    replaced the flowers
    fed the fishes.
    Then I picked up our son
    and fixed him dinner.
    You aren't the only one
    exhausted Mr. Breadwinner!

    Beat and weary
    they held each other close
    started sharing the dreary
    and their woes.
    When all was done
    and their heads were clear
    a battle was won
    in peace with sincere.
    Love and life
    are not always grand.
    Crooked path made right
    when you work to understand.

    Hometown: Syracuse, NY

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    How true....tried and true!