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    When I’m unclear as what to do in times of trial or of doubt.
    I look deep within, to clarify, what my feelings are about.
    Why am I so bewildered, when confusion does expand?
    What causes me to panic when I do not understand?

    Am I worried that I’m getting old, and my memory it is failing?
    Do I wonder if the medicine I take has caused my mind’s unveiling?
    Did I hear the words and comprehend what the message was demanding,
    Or did I just not care and try enough to reach an understanding?

    Now as I age these questions keep on coming to my door,
    Cause my thinking process has slowed down, a fact I can’t ignore.
    When I forget to place my coat, upon the hook next to the landing,
    My wife she does not get upset, her patience is withstanding.

    My life it would improve ten fold, if I only could recall,
    Where my glasses, keys, and wallet; were lying somewhere in the hall.
    I guess it would be a perfect world, if my order were commanding,
    Cause then I’m sure my wife and I would reach a mutual understanding.

    So if you are a bit like me, and your mind’s retention is declining,
    Just take a deep breath slowly now, and stop your childish whining.
    Cause the wisdom of your years on earth, grants to you an awesome branding.
    Know the knowledge stored within you is a tribute so outstanding!

    The volumes of each passing year and the information gained,
    Have likened you to my new Ipad , just a touch away from fame.
    When a youthful person asks you how to rise up their social standing,
    Your past will bounce back like a ball, with the lessons you’ll be handing.

    “Just write a letter, buy birthday cards and send them through the mail.
    Jot thank you notes and short sweet missives, your efforts will not fail.
    Just imagine how important, when next to the mailbox they are standing
    Upon reaching in and finding there, your empathetic understanding.”

    “Where is the junk mail?” They will say, as they open your surprise!
    They will dance a jig and kick up their heels at the nature of your prize.
    Now you have placed inside of them, a new desire so unique,
    Their mailbox will be something, they look forward to each week.

    You have given advice to help them learn, how our feelings we convey.
    Its something we did long ago and it still can happen, now, today.
    It takes time and effort, care and love; they all go hand in hand,
    But in the end, you will open doors and all will truly understand.

    Written by John Berken
    [email protected]

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    It sums up where I am in my life and I am happy to be at this point


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      Thanks for the wise words! You encouraged me today!


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        I guess the next generation will not know what a true mail box is