The Damning & Demanding

Created by: Marc Christian Thibodeau

Understanding the demanding is like deconstructing the nature of man
The plans of their hasty hands are too deeply buried beneath the snow soft sand
Digits desperately digging for the next big scam
Like celebrity hacked webcams and file shares scaring bands
Quicksilvers brands coating scapegoats in Afghanistan

Is the way
To investigate
The Damning & Demanding

But don’t be so quick to hesitate and violate the violence as they contemplate to self-destruct souls
In temples and skin soft thrones all alone in the rooms of busy brooms sweeping nothing but tenacious


It’s LoOny and cArTooNy

How the bin is bursting and nodding like the noggin of Bin Laden as bombs are dropping and moms are sobbing
Mopping up the confusion of twisted illusions and fusions so concealed it would have Confucius in a continuum


Just to be


Of the Damning & Demanding

But to truly figure out this purple puzzle of prices and royalties
You first must find the time to dig through the terrified trouble
All the tricks and dimensions of double faced lives
As British spies film cheating wives lying with the filthiest of guys
Then broadcast their tips as the population buzzes like filth covered flies


Young innocent eyes as they vicariously victimize their own fresh minds
Distracted by the dullness of televised lies
And advertised Adderall prescribed suicide.
From the Damning & De-manning

They think they won this generation over
Like the luck of a four leaf clover field leading leper white cons straight to pots of pure gold

But they fail to realize that the lives of the honey hustlers in the homes of their hives will soon control the remote like a comb brushing hair knotted up like a rope wrapped around the dome of the globe

Namaste! Namaste!


They CRY!

But the phrase is only as good as the name of its Master
A different kind of evil awakens the herd
To get inside the mind of the head leaders behind the demonized governments

Evil must eyewitness disguised evil within

Like the thoughts of two twins
From diapers they sin
Now there just dust blowing through the sick wind
Crumbled and rocked
the world they shocked
As the planes were aimed
Old friends became framed
Call it conspiracy
Call it a lack of misunderstanding
Call it a lack of funding patience or money
As drills find new terrain fracking deep pressure in the greasy oil slick heads
Of the Damming & Demanding