Why must we venture endlessly peaked with a continual curiosity
Searching for what many have failed leaving tears and palms gritty
Tenderness of sight causes elusions of feelings clouded by things pretty
And strife is often a result of these wasted attempts ‘tis quite a pity
Even in the place originating fried potatoes, yes, in this towering city
There’s an eye full of vascular turmoil from past relations that fail
People are constantly under cardiac arrest yet no one is in jail
We are locked in more of a prison than a rib cage’s strong veil
Trapped in a game doomed to repeat and never make bail
With unlikely odds of finding bliss, a coffin is hammered with a final nail
However fate is never sealed till the spirit is utterly broken
And the spirit is never shattered if the door to it won’t open
Words become a crowbar that frees entrances with what’s spoken
Giving an illusion of compassion but those delusions don’t help coping
With the game that is played and we never hold the golden token
That’s put in the slot so we don’t decide when it starts or when it will end
We must only brace ourselves on the things we can comprehend
Because security is staying within knowledge of common trends
Though I am not a coward whisking away ambition with words penned
I do believe playing the game will cause your emotions to descend
into unrest and thoughts constricting feelings about a special friend
I heed any devout caregiver to understand this message i send