What are we? Human beings, yes, that is quite an inarguable truth
Are we eternal? This inquiry grows as we swiftly relinquish or youth
What makes us live? Having spirit doesn’t account for soul, in sooth
Why are we here? Tis’ an enigma even for the most tenacious sleuth
What’s the meaning of life? Time is squandered thinking up an excuse
Where did we come from? We find fossils yet never retain any proof
Are we alone? Cells ingrained in us footprints as we walk to phone booths
Can we ever be safe? We irrationally attempt at security under our roofs
What’s worth fighting for? Struggles permeate the earth leaving it uncouth
Stop, too many questions vex my inner demons leaving me unsatisfied with what I am aware of.
There’s good in people! Benevolence is bountiful as incandescence is bright
There’s evil in people! It lies in wait as the moon does during twilight
Time never stops! We don’t have enough of it yet there’s more in sight
Death is inevitable! This fact leaves many questioning their callous plight
Life is hard! We mustn't be inthralled by shameful acts and become contrite
There’s always light! Even when the winter solstice embodies a cloudy night
Seeing is believing! That’s why faith must be held desperately tight
Love is real! Though elusive to many it is a spark, prepared to ignite
Some things are worth dying for! Patriotism, people, freedom of life
Stop, stop, these facts cloud my perception now I’m baffled beyond understanding with a lack thereof.