I feel the world.
I feel the oceans and the seas.
I feel the sunset and the sunrise.
I feel the moon and the stars.
I feel the cities and the valleys.
I feel the horizon and the underground.
I feel the world.

There is a place out there
Some people have heard of,
Some not, but there is still a place
This point in time consists of
Everything and nothing,
The world and the hole,
And the light and the dark

Outside of this land lies
Something extraordinary:
People, in the endless universe,
People full of hope
Full of pride and prosperity
There lies a world like ours
Gaze out before you

See this world for what it is
I beg of you, notice,
Hear, smell, see, feel
This isn’t our world
But it could be soon
See the skyscrapers before you?
The sweet smell in the air?

I see the new world
Through this looking glass
Called faith, so can you see it?
Can you imagine the world?
The world this is to become?
A hundred ships lost at sea
Is like the minds of those without faith

Look in front of you
As you have done so many
Many times before
You see what is now, what is,
But not what could be
And that is where you fail
Where most fail

Look, instead now, to a child
Full of faith, and hope alike
Feel the surge of love
That comes from within and realize
Realize that which you cannot see
That which you cannot bet
That which you cannot know

For if you gaze into the future
The ever changing will of God
The ever changing world you seek
You can only bet on one thing,
That it shall forever be just that
Ever changing, and for that
You cannot see

If you cannot dream and hope
And love and wish
If you cannot do things
Like this, then you will not last
Because how do you think
That this small world came to be?
Perhaps from the smaller world before it?

Prosper in the faith of a child
Believe in love that’s unconditional
Trust that the light will always shine
Faith is just the beginning, child,
Love is greater still
For if you have these things, as so few do,
You shall make the world that lies ahead

From infinite journeys
And infinite faith lies truth
And from this is there more still
Dear child, feelings are the key
Can you feel the ever present secret?
To happiness and joy alike?
The key is simply to believe

You say, this is too easy, too hard
Or better yet, too odd
But I ask who is truly happy?
The ones who believe that there is more
Or the ones who don’t?
The ones who hope or not?
I say the ones who do

Why does a soldier fight in battle?
If not for hope of a better world?
Why does a mother sacrifice herself?
If not for hope of a sweeter tomorrow?
Aye, the journey of our lives is bitter
Full of hate and lies and death
So what is wrong with believing in more?

You say, because it is false,
Well then you have no hope, soldier,
You say, you are smarter,
But is that so?
You think that you’ll create
A better tomorrow
Much better than the believers will

But, I ask, how can that be?
When you don’t believe in the tomorrow
After that? So I ask of you
Who makes a better tomorrow
The ones who build for eternity
Or the ones who build for today
For what happens if we do last?

You say the chances are little
You say the results are sure
But if there is even a smidge of wrong,
You’ll die when tomorrow’s tomorrow
Come knocking on our door
Oh the beliefs of a non believer
Themselves, the royalty

And how, I ask, did you get
To that point?
Without dreaming and hoping
For the future?
So perhaps, I conclude,
Everyone is a believer and
Therefore your beliefs are untrue

So unfortunate a person so
Belittling beliefs can yet
Have crushed ones themselves
So, belief, hope, dreams, wishes
They’ll stay with us forever more
It is what makes living a joy
And dying simply a new beginning

So famous are words better than these
But perhaps these words shall ring true
The world is a tough place
And we need each other to face it
We need others too
I say this with utmost respect,
For I know you are a believer

I say, unto you, please
Remember what I say here to you
People are lost and go mad
From loneliness they think they have
When there are people there
Imagine how much worse it would be
If we all truly stood in our own little worlds

Give a smile, a wave and pass it on
Brighten the world, if just for a moment
For the world shall stand a little straighter
And the people inside will be a little happier
So go forth and spread it like oxygen
So go forth and bring a little faith
A little hope that’s been long forgotten