As one reflects, this life upon,
Taking measure of lesson’s learned;
Values acquired along the way,
From whencewere boundaries found?
Sought along our lifelong path,
That which we thought was true;
Arrived here, the last gate at,
Looked back, had much to rue?
Realize we now, in this autumn time,
Some values, false they were;
Served us and others not the best,
Better choices would now prefer.
At the time, great fun was had,
Or so we were assured;
Values deceived, false sirens chased,
Knew not we had been lured.
Foundations needed for later life,
Not recognized, nor did occur;
And if they did, cast them aside,
Were not to be deterred.
We will accept, it had to be,
The karma of our journey;
It is the hope that’s with us now,
Awareness shall bring new certainty.
We give thanks to come this far,
Truth finally realized;
Perhaps what matters most of all,
'Twas the journey that made us wise.
And should the chance ever come again,
To express one to another;
We would say, “Friend, heed your heart,”
Your mind shall make you suffer.”