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  • Simple Truth

    Simple Truth
    Alone, no phone, no devices of distraction,
    Simply the incessant bantering and chatter of the shore
    Do I dare to dream today? Do I care to dream today?

    Muted green, foaming fangs bite the grim, gray horizon.
    Seagulls whine and cry for more and more and more.
    I can hear what the say. I hear it every single day.

    Spitting bitter salt and stinging sand predicting my perdition,
    Ruffling, scuffling sea-winds demand my retreat.
    Yet, I press on to somewhere, to anywhere but defeat!

    Begone sea demon! Fly! Your assessment I defy!

    A brilliance streams from the ashen veil, piercing a transformation
    Infinity’s miraculous coincidence in the sky:
    The Western Sun himself looks over his shoulder and winks his eye!

    In a whimsical blink beyond mortal imagination
    Beams of blazing truth transmute gray clouds to amethyst
    The crystalline purple of protection raises triumphant fiery fist.

    His rays thrust through evening clouds with swirling scarlet affection
    Bubbling blue waves flash flickering joy signifying this
    The grandeur of divine love breathed on me an immortal kiss.

    Simple truth and understanding, sweet dream of satisfaction
    Is increasing in intensity to more and more and more
    Begin the journey straightaway. Seekers find it everyday

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    Living within a mile of Lake Michigan shores I feel the energy describe in your poem!