Rooted in instinct, guided by your mind,
It can be re - as well as (un)refined.
For there are any things in world,
Things surfaced and things deep;
The darkest and the later things could trouble most to keep:

The things we do not know, we care the most about;
These we cannot reach - they are best lived without

Torn into a million pieces by what has been found;
While we dig deeper, we aim for higher ground.

Within this world, some are content for what we have
We are one, we are all; yet each an individual piece

With this, alone, should our tend our own;
Are we all with our own crown and to ourselves we bow?
Why can't we bend to another - and all, the same way?
‚ÄčTruly it would profit the world if we were to stay:
Stay in it's world -
Keeping this -
The darker things do we remiss.

(This) is understanding.
(It) is understanding.
We'd do well to understand.