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  • "Understand? Yeah right!"

    To be understood is a crutch society has plagued within my cerebrum.
    To accept who I am is like an application process,
    Access is immediately denied if it violates regulations.
    Being my own person is too radical for conservatives.
    It is within my best wishes that I adhere to the script provided,
    A house will never stand if it’s divided.
    So, I take a step onto my pre-lit platform.
    Direct my eyes to the screen placed before me.
    Look out into the audience, my jurors and my judges,
    And accept the understanding they’re willing to provide.
    To sacrifice my happiness means I’m willing to hide.
    To them it means I’m willing to keep a house standing.
    But how can a house stand if a person is divided?
    How can I love me when a major part is neglected?
    I sentence my own self to a life of imprisonment,
    All for the sake of a blinded government,
    To be understood is just an outcry for, “will you accept me?”
    Over and over again you’ve rejected the only person I know to be.
    So, to my audience I say, “Its okay I understand”
    “You’re too simple minded to appreciate who I really am.”