Take me to the other side
I don't belong here anymore
With you or with anyone
The feelings just coldhearted lies
The darkness swallowing me whole
Light doesn't exist
Not in this world
I didn't know I could see but now I believe
I didn't know what it felt like to feel my grief
Clutching my fists and trying not to cry
Swallowing hard and biting the lie
Something we'll never forget
The night used to shine brighter with you
Now I see its true colours
We were the love that never was real
I'm twisting the truth
Twisting the lies
Nothing is as it was
They told me the words wouldn't hurt
But they're wrong
It burns in my heart
The stain that won't erase and will scar
The love that escaped
The colour that's plain
I can take no more
Fore I am only me
Simply me
The angels took the gift that was given
Losing all memory and feeling
We are empty inside
These days we are demons
Was the joy truly worth all the pain
Was the laughing worth the crying
Running like a river
Tumbling down rabbit holes
Falling like comets in the sky
Yeah we all fell
We are hurt all the time
But it is the inevitable
Emotions everyone knows to be true
The feelings you can't help
They come like nightmares
The fear, the power
It's the same as smiles and tears
Something we all conceive
Something understood