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Be Careful Whom You Befriend

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  • Be Careful Whom You Befriend

    Be very careful of whom is your friend.
    For we simply cannot let everyone in.
    Do you accept only those who are like you?
    Or, do you accept those who need help too.

    To some, we should only be nice
    To those who only know Christ
    Others associate only with the same type of money
    To me this all seems kind of ironic and funny

    I don’t want only friends who are my reflection
    That seems like a narcissistic obsession.
    And, then, who are you helping?
    In this, there must be very little blessing.

    Friends should come from all walks of life.
    A good heart accepts those with happiness and strife.
    My friends have never needed to meet any criteria.
    But, some people still live in a high school cafeteria.