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    Your last day was appointed
    Your final breath, you knew, was near
    So you called your family to your side
    To tell them what, in the end, was dear
    Your idea of worth was different than before
    That suddenly the value of material things, decreased
    Diplomas, money, things
    Mattered not the very least
    The late nights with your family
    And the captured memories on the wall
    The things we took for granted
    No longer seem that small
    In the end what matters is solely up to you
    The lives you touched, the mark you left
    The wise advice you gave
    Are things never forgotten
    Long after your in your grave
    So with my family near
    I told them what I wished
    That I could live my life again
    With this very simple list:
    To love deeply, to always care
    Never judge what you don't know
    Be happy, Stay humble, listen
    Don't let you dreams and talents go
    Live with passion, learn, give
    Take time every day to read
    You not as busy as you think
    Give to those in need
    So with my last breath
    I told them not to live life with regrets
    So live your life according to my very simple list