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  • Tranquility's helping hand

    The world I've perceived
    Is often deceived
    By the tricking tongue
    Of those I'm among

    The thoughts of my own
    Drift into unknown
    The opinion I believe
    Is the life I want to achieve

    With a troubled mind
    I long to find
    A guiding light
    To ease my plight

    I look up into the clouds
    And search through the crowds
    For a friend with my key
    To peace and equality

    One with power to lock out
    All those who scream
    and those who shout
    To spare my helpless ear
    Of the hating horrors I hear

    The endless trap I fall into
    It stands nothing against you
    My stone statue of stability
    My path to tranquility

    Morgan Yoder
    Brentwood, TN
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