It wasn't that was which is-isn't no was that will be,
or was it(?)

(Not what I wanted it to be,
a disgraceful lug,
tried and trained away from it,
but it became nothing more than a thug)

What it won't be is what it's not been or has been since when,
or was it(?)

(Years and trails come upon,
didn't take much and some were gone,
no more of mine, out with the day,
has been disowned for it is a stray)

How it will be still can try to be what it can't be since it can't - what it does since how is not what it was,
or was it(?)

(As father I feel a regret,
not being about to save them from the terror of the rage,
and yet, it cometh back everyday,
to slaughter and slay away)

FOR IT Isn't what you think or what you seem to understand,
this poem speaks of countless who have fallen by "his" hand,
"for what is Isnt and is" is just a fall,
that many come read just to die at small

Just as you a reader now,
misinterpreted and incomprehensible,
it was!

For what doesth this poem talk of,
don't keep rereading,
won't help at all,
all of what everyone don't recognize come from above,
and then no one is heeding, at all

All of which makes no sense,
so what is it that we need,
which not be greed but taken in indeed


Yes that's what it is,
to twist what is Isn't to isn't it what(?),
and misinterpretation to interpreted,
and not open confusion but turn it shut

The main part of the puzzle 'twas it is unlocked,
the last piece fit in so simple,
and the edges- not blocked,
understanding be the key that set the reader free,
and thus you can reread at most having understanding stand by close