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  • SarahLeaSales
    I like how you personified some of the nouns. Very nice.

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  • engravedlove
    started a topic Understanding is

    Understanding is

    Understanding is
    written by: Mable A. Jones

    Understanding is, said faith to doubt
    Seeing hydration in the middle of a drought
    Understanding is, said doubt to faith
    Choosing positive over negative, I can appreciate

    Understanding is, said friend to foe
    I need tolerance, with a steady flow
    Understanding is, said foe to friend
    Accepting differences will restore a mend

    Understanding is, said strong to weak
    I have holes in me that allows in leaks
    Understanding is, said weak to strong
    If I learn perseverance, I’ll sing a new song

    Understanding is, said light to dark
    Putting change in motion ignites new spark
    Understanding is, said dark to light
    Illuminate me to reach new heights

    Understanding is to me, a state of mind
    It’s a choice to relate or to remain blind
    If you have the ability to comprehend
    It may lead you opposite of popular trends
    As we speak, listen, and pay attention to hear
    We’re on the right path to making understanding clear