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    I dream of changing the world. I dream of the things that I know can't be and I dream of being the one that does just that. I dream of a world with just enough suffering for us to understand good, but not enough to ruin us. I dream of a people that see the beauty in the ordinary but don't buy into the facades. I dream of a place where we see the damaged and we help to fix it, not shame it. I dream of a day where it is understood that until a heart is no longer beating a soul is never past the point of no return. I dream of a future when the sick, and broken, and the sad, and the lonely, and the rich, and the poor, and the sinners, and the saints, are one, divided no longer by their differences, but united. I dream of understanding. I dream of a future without fear of the future. I dream of dreamers, and doers. I dream.
    I have a dream, of just that, a dream.