From author to reader let me display
How a simple word BLOSSOMS into a poem today.
And please pay attention to my poem's progression
Plus how I use BLOSSOM in my artistic expression.
Now as I write and I ponder let me remind
Every example I think of won't BLOSSOM without time.
Plus to BLOSSOM is to nurture so please be aware
That nurturing is essential for a BLOSSOM to appear.
As you continue to read on my poem will grow
And the changes throughout it will soon undergo.
So let's begin with a seed that BLOSSOMS with time
Each seed that flourishes is uniquely divine.
Seeds are first nurtured with golden sun and cool rain
Making sure that its beauty is simply maintained.
Then picture new friendships that BLOSSOM each year
The love between both is a friendship affair.
And friendships are cherished with kindness and trust
So expressing each feeling is certainly a must.
Plus at times friendship BLOSSOMS into romance and love
And lasting love is what many do crave and dream of.
But don't take friendships for granted because its BLOSSOM may die
And friendships without BLOSSOMS vanish in a blink of an eye.
Think about your mind and every thought that evolves
From day to day events where you're intellectually involved.
Your mind will be nurtured if you truly do seek
The time for reflecting every day of the week.
Imagine and play and read often too
Because expanding your mind will help it BLOSSOM for you.
Next there's your purpose you're determined to find
If you continue to search with one purpose in mind.
Your purpose will BLOSSOM your purpose will shine
If you continue to practice and put in the time.
BLOSSOM in life is what many pursue
Physically, socially, and emotionally too.
Each experience you'll encounter whether through joy or through strife
Will help your own learning BLOSSOM in life.
So I hope the words written you did understand
And I hope the word BLOSSOM made your knowledge expand.
And last but not least I have many wishes for you
That your life's full of BLOSSOMS that's long overdue.