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Understanding Hands

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  • ava102790
    This is gorgeous. Brava Brava!

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  • JanieGouge
    started a topic Understanding Hands

    Understanding Hands

    Understanding Hands

    Understanding speaks best
    Through capable hands
    Professional or personal
    Meeting untold demands

    A crying babe
    A mother’s sweet touch
    She soothes and calms
    Hands give so much

    The master pianist
    With dexterous hands
    Coaxes tuneful rhapsody
    From her baby grand

    Frail aged body
    That can no longer stand
    Soothed by the stroking
    From caregiver’s hand

    Nimble fingers fly
    Of the brilliant seamstress
    As she fashions from fabric
    The beautiful dress

    Those without hearing
    Never should languish
    When words are said
    In lovely sign language

    Construction worker’s hands
    Both calloused and strong
    Craft homes and shelter
    Though his hours are long

    Hand-built vessels
    Formed of potter’s clay
    Earthenware to objet d‘art
    A possible allay

    Symphonic conductor
    Signals musicians
    Flawless direction
    With handy precision

    A hand to hold
    Lover’s sweet grace
    Fingers laced together
    A heart’s embrace

    Ink-stained fingers
    From poet’s swill
    Grasp writer’s tool
    Be it pen or quill

    Hands speak so much
    In the course of a day
    Show more understanding
    Than words can say

    Janie Gouge