The men lay in the dirt
Dead, Dying, or hurt
Guns begin to pound
Oh what a dreadful sound!

Horses charge into battle
Through the fire, machine guns rattle
Soldiers fall upon the ground
Through final breaths, they're heaven bound

Bodies litter the battlefield
What good does this murder yield?
Wounded are hauled back in carts
Men have little hope left in their hearts

Horses too, are in the war
Forced to face the blood and gore
Their bodies lay amongst the men
They'll never see their homes again

Soldiers bid the world goodbye
Life begins to leave their eyes
The young men had a life ahead
But they died at war instead

Horses take their final breaths
As they meet their tragic deaths
They did not deserve this fate
Now they'll enter Heaven's gate

The world was filled with peace today
Even though the skies are grey
The war is over, no one cheers
For the land is filled with death and tears