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Sonnet on a Singer

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  • Sonnet on a Singer

    A song surrounds your air, runs through your veins;
    A carefree melody that cuts right through
    My heart. And yet you've not left me insane --
    You've let me have that song, sing it to you

    Through hardships, separation, change of time.
    You know me better than I know myself;
    Delighting me with tickles, treats, and rhymes.
    Such wholeness with another I've not felt.

    I've come to love you and your endless song.
    You calm me, drive away my childish fears.
    Your gentle touch would bring down empir's strong,
    Yet strength you bring to all who you hold dear.

    So hold me close this night and pet my hair.
    My Sweet, for you, in turn, I'll'ways be there.