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Love That’s Real

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  • Love That’s Real

    Love That’s Real

    Searching for a love that’s real,
    And the way it makes one feel.
    Gives some strength, yet others cry,
    Without understanding why.

    The most desired thing on earth,
    Never questioning its worth.
    Souls connect through common bond.
    Hearts unite and then respond.

    Finding an essence to atone,
    A life no longer is its own.
    Ecstasy flows through one’s veins,
    Desire and bliss are what remains.

    Offered freely, but most would pay,
    A giving heart ensures its stay.
    Blinded by color, race and age,
    But won’t survive locked in a cage.

    Willing to die; willing to kill,
    For that sensation lovers feel.
    No reservations and no doubt,
    It’s something one can’t live without.

    Searching begins with baby breath,
    Continuing til day of death.
    So, when a soul finds its true mate,
    It’s only by the hand of fate.

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    What is love?
    What is in not?
    In the head, body
    or in the gut?


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      We may never know, f.r.richards...but I believe it to be in all of those.


      • #4
        the answer for thee
        is in all three